Chapter XII – Part 13

$ You blushed. With this cold out there?!

$ I fell in love.

$ Who’s the lucky guy?

$ David.

$ I’m jealous.

$ You’re kidding.

$ Of course I am. I’m happy for you.

$ I have the impression the feeling is mutual because he is so advanced in learning languages that he doesn’t need any coaching. He could teach people languages himself.

$ Somebody admires someone very, very much. Does this demigod have any dark sides?

$ He is very fussy.

$ Are we talking about you now?

$ Hahahahaha!

$ Two fussy people on 200 square meters sounds like an invitation to hell. I hope your children will be scruffy bohemian artists so that you could cool down a little. What did you do with David today?

$ We talked about what blocks communication.

$ I can’t believe that! The one and the other look for an opportunity to consume a relationship (a relationship that is still not out there) and they chatter for more than one hour about what blocks communication.

$ Ironically, courtesy is not regarded as a block in communication. Just the opposite, we learn  good manners to make communication more fluent.

$ I see. It’s unthinkable to say: look, I’m pretty sure we’re attracted to each other. Stay the night and we’ll try it out.

$ Unthinkable.

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