Chapter XI – Part 6

Let’s move on.

$ 14.

1) What are 3 most important advantages of learning on your own?

- I determine the pace at which I learn

- I organize my time

- It costs nothing

- It helps me get away from it all

- I decide what serves me best

- I choose articles, books, exercise, methods

- I practice self-discipline

- I can find out what I really don’t know

- I can prepare questions I want to ask my teachers; consequently, working with them is more fruitful

- It reminds me of the influence I have on my life

- I am able to determine the best place, time etc. to learn

- It is great fun

- It rejuvenates me

- Others – what?

2) What are 3 most important disadvantages of learning on your own:

- I am not systematic

- I cannot just decide and get down to study

- I cannot plan how to learn

- I decide to learn, I don’t learn and I have bad conscious

- I don’t have time

- I don’t feel motivated

- I procrastinate

- I get stuck when there’s something I don’t understand and nobody to answer my questions

Others – what?

My answers don’t surprise you, do they?

$ Whether they surprise me or not is not essential. If you’re really interested: they don’t. What is essential is whether you realize what attracts you to learning on your own and what discourages you from doing this. What’s next?

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