Chapter XI – Part 5

9. Using of which above mentioned skills do you enjoy the most?

$ There is a difference. I enjoy reading the most. And listening to the songs. Amazingly, I don’t enjoy writing by itself. In fact, I find it exhausting.

$ There’s something to it. Thomas Mann said: A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. Next question is interesting, too.

10. Using of which above mentioned skills do you find the most challenging?

$ Hmmm. Speaking, listening and writing are dead even. All of them are challenging but each of them is challenging in a different way. If I were to chose one, however, I’d say speaking. Next question:

11. What type of learner are you?

I don’t know

Visual – no doubt about it. I can’t hear anything.

$ Can you please put down on your sheet of paper: poor hearing? Or better: my opinions about my hearing that have been slowing my process of learning foreign languages. Right. Question twelve.

12. Taking into account the type of learner you are, do you know how to use your potential best?

$ Actually, I don’t. I like writing, reading, making notes, I prefer regular student books with colorful pictures to copies.

$ Are you good at working in a messy room?

$ I’m not sure. I used to tidy up my room before I got down to work and I always thought it was my procrastination tactic. Namely my room was very clean when I was a student and the end-of-term exams were approaching.

$ On the other hand, it could have been your instinct: somehow you knew that visual learners need order in their workplace.

$ I like this interpretation. Next time when I tidy up instead of working I’ll feel less guilty.

$ Guilt’s place is also on your sheet of paper. Good. Next question.

13. How much time a week do you learn languages on your own?

up to 1 hour
1 – 2 hours
2 – 3 hours
3 – 4 hours
4 -5 hours
more than 5 hours.

$ Every week is different but it’s 2-3 hours on average. Among grown-ups with full-time jobs and family, who can afford learning more than 5 hours a week?

$ If you transform learning languages into your lifestyle it’s natural to learn unintentionally much longer than 5 hours a week.

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