Chapter XI – Part 12

$ Last but not least, the sheet of paper. What does it read?

$ Frustration, impatience, helplessness, tension, control, perfectionism, underconfidence, lack for words, poor hearing…Scary.

$ What would your life be like if you didn’t carry around the old baggage of these thoughts?

$ I don’t know what to say.

$ You don’t need to say anything. Your sigh of relief and your relaxed shoulders say everything. Take this sheet of paper, matches and this ashtray and just burn it.


Focus on everything you did today: you realized your thoughts, came to the conclusion they didn’t serve you, you put them down, decided to get rid of them and did it. Your task now is to believe that it is as easy to kick them out of your life as to burn this piece of paper. As if you went to your plastic surgeon with a very specific order.

$ What if I can’t believe that?

$ Act as if you believed. Use your imagination to admire your plastic surgeon’s work. How are you feeling?

$ I feel moved. And hopeful.

$ I’m happy to hear that.


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