Chapter X – Part 12

Last but not least: harmony, body, health.

$ I’ve got much to do in this respect. Wherever I go, I go by car and I have put on weight. When I get up from bed or stand up from a chair, my back always tells me something.

$ The backbone, the foundation. You can’t make anything without it. And as for the body mass, what is the main reason why you mentioned putting on weight? Can you feel that your heart needs to make more effort? Do you sweat more? Any signs of poor digestion?

$ Not at all, fortunately. I just don’t like the way I look now.

$ Does your cat like the way you look now?

$ He doesn’t pay attention to such insignificant details.

$ Amazing, isn’t it? I am sure the Creator looks at His or Her Masterpiece in a similar way: I did a perfect job. Even if you change the body mass the whole doesn’t require any improvement. Recently I have been to a very hot country. One day I saw a markedly obese girl. She was wearing a tight-fitting top and a very short skirt. She felt so good in her skin that it was a pleasure watching her. I was wondering whether the climate gave more permission to be happy with the way you look, no matter what size you are because with the omnipresent heat sooner or later you get undressed as much as possible. Another day, two Rubensian women came to the beach. They left only pants on and gracefully started to swim. They were really plus-sized. Can you recall advertising ‘before-and-after’? Be sure, both were bigger than anyone ‘before’ you can see in the press or on TV. A young man, a real dish kept them company. I observed them and I realized that I was up to my ears in schemes: slim – beautiful, obese – ugly. Beautiful – display, ugly – hide.

$ That applies to me too with one objection: to me it’s not a scheme. I just have a look at something and I like it or not.

$ Assuming that my judgment is totally impartial and autonomous. To what extent is it mine, to what extent is it conditioned by the culture? My friend from Morocco, an Islam believer told me how his European colleagues had mocked him once. They invited him to a restaurant and offered a local specialty. After the meal they asked him whether he had like it. Yes, it was delicious, he said. Then they confessed it was made of pork meat. My friend threw up at once.

$ That’s tough.

$ What would you like to add, as far as your body, health, balance and harmony are concerned?

$ I think that I won’t start to take good care of myself until a real shit comes down, like my grandfather’s cancer. That I ask for an aching back in order to have motivation.

$ We’ll get back to this.

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