Chapter X – Part 9

Bagua 1 and 9 are interrelated, as well as bagua 3 and 7. We’re going to start with 3 – ancestors and get to 7 – children. What have you put down there?

$ For I live hundreds kilometers away from my mum and my sister, and my dad lives abroad, while thinking about this area, I had the idea of staying in touch with them on a more regular basis. That’s what it looks like now: I see my mum a couple of times a year, I meet my dad once a year. I talk to them mainly when they call me. And I’m thinking of a very precise rhythm. E.g.: once a month I go to see my mum, the next month I invite her and my sister to enjoy bright lights, big city. The month after I would go to see them again etc. And the idea of sending a message to one of them every day appeals to me, too. So, that’s my priority. Secondly, design a family tree of my father’s and my mother’s families. Some time ago I even got a special software to create family trees. Now I feel inspired to do that.

$ In fact, a family tree can be a target. A long-term one.

$ One of my long-term targets is to invite the whole family to a party. You know, a bonding event for all of us. That’s how I see it: we would assume that for example the first weekend of July is our family weekend. For the first time, the space in my mother’s house and garden would probably be enough. I would ask all comers to inform as many family members as possible about the first weekend of July next year and to contact me so that I am able to book an appropriate place in June next year or sooner.

$ It’s almost a wedding reception. Only you want to organize that every year. You’re a really family man.

$ I discovered this part of myself today.

$ How about superiors, teachers, masters?

$ I have bad memories from school. I feel so grateful this part is over. I feel sorry for all the kids who still have to go to school. Masters? What if I said: my Master is sitting in front of me?

$ On the one hand I would feel acknowledged; on the other hand, I would ask myself: since you don’t say that your Grand Master lives inside your heart, where did I make a mistake?

$ Modesty is a girl’s treasure. As for superiors, I haven’t had a genuine boss so far. All my superiors, including the present one, make me think: I can do better than that.

$ When you meet a boss, how do you know whether he  is genuine or not?

$ A genuine boss is courageous, he doesn’t hide behind his boss, he’s self-confident, competent, experienced, he has guts, he can tell the difference between important things and odds and ends, he’s able to say: ‘I don’t know’ and ‘It was my mistake’ and mean it.

$ I wish you could find such a boss among your Christmas presents.

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