Chapter X – Part 8

$ Would you like to continue?

$ Ok. We have discussed 1, 9, 4, 2. What’s next? What do you suggest?

$ Helpful people. Bagua 6.

$ When you first mentioned this name, in my mind’s eye I saw people who could help me. When you were reading the questions, I had no idea whom I could help. Apart from my family, of course. I feel ashamed to confess that.

$ First things first.

$ Priorities: 1. a good employer; 2. Manuel.

$ The man you work with after you leave your office every day?

$ Exactly. 3. Veterinary doctor.

$ O! Somebody loves me more than they love themselves.

$ Meow! Short-term goals: 1. get to the final of the competition “Young at Business.” 2. organize the operation of my company so well that I am able to work with Manuel all evenings and weekends if I choose to do so.

$ Does it mean you want your partners to help you so much that you can forget about doing overtime and having tasks with the deadline: immediately if not sooner?

$ That’s right. And I have a gap in the third short-term goal.

$ Let’s have a one-minute-break. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths and concentrate on nice thoughts.

One minute later:

And? How are you?

$ I was flying. Like a bird. I stretched my wings and flew.

$ Let’s get back to one of the techniques from the today’s coaching. What requirement should be met in the first place so that you can fly?

$ I need wings.

$ Firstly, chickens have wings and don’t fly. A plane wouldn’t fly itself, either. Secondly, what do wings symbolize? I mean the wings from you relaxation session.

$ They symbolize freedom. I move my wings and I can be far from everything, I can leave everything.

$ Let me draw your attention to the fact that we are in bagua 6 – helpful people. Regardless of whether I want it or not, I depend on other people. On the one hand, I dream of separating from them; on the other hand, I don’t want to feel I miss them. How is that for you?

$ O, yes! I am torn between these two extremes.

$ So is your actual target to build your friendships and other relationships based on interdependence and not on dependence on others?

$ Yes, that’s my goal. Thank you.

$ My pleasure.

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