Chapter X – Part 6

$ First I need to get a job that allows me to make my dreams come true.
$ A new job is an external factor. What do you need inside yourself?
$ Self-confidence, self-esteem, I need to know (not to think) that I deserve it all.
$ In my opinion, we can consider them your priorities in bagua 9 and let fulfillment be a target or a dream.
$ Rather a dream.
$ You mentioned that for you bagua 1 and 9 have something in common with 4. What have you got there?
$ Surprisingly: everything. Priorities: 1. financial security; 2. savings; 3. investment. Goals: 1. 100,000 net income after tax this year; 2. 200,000 next year; 3. 300,000 in two years. Dreams; 1. a house; 2. a new car; 3. a yacht.
$ Very precise. Imagine that all this is already in your life: your house, your dream car, your yacht, your income. What do you want then?
$ You know, I have just realized that I don’t think any further because in fact I don’t believe it’ll ever come true.
$ There’s not going to be a yacht?
$ Not even 100,000 this year. That this is a pure wishful thinking in my case.
$ So please, do it once again. It is supposed to serve you not to make you sad.
$ I don’t know how.
$ Think about what you want to buy this year.
$ I want to finish the redecoration of my flat and not to think about it within next five years.
$ Great! Bagua 4 it is not only money: coins, banknotes, numbers, accounts. It is abundance from many sources. What you want is a result of the process of renovation and it doesn’t mean you can get it only out of your own work. You can win or get as a present the money you need. Or find an old deposit that you have forgotten.
$ Actually, that’s right.
$ Can you paraphrase one of your dreams?
$ What has come first was the dream of being so rich that I can make an independent decision to buy or to rent any object I am interested in. ‘Independent’ because I think to myself that I have bought many things not because I needed them but because somebody else had it. Or because I wanted to impress people, to show off. For example, I bought a coffee machine. The machine itself cost 1,000. Add special filters, special cleaning tabs and special descaling tabs. Coffee from this machine is very tasty so you drink more of it, you experiment with various kinds of coffee grains, people come to your place more often and they don’t refuse a second or a third cup of such delicious coffee. To sum up, roughly, if you save that money and drink coffee only in cafés you’ll have enough money to do that within 3 years assuming that you go to a café every day, which probably won’t take place: you often drink coffee at work, when you go to your friends’ places, sometimes you go for a big betrayal and buy instant coffee.
$ A very interesting example. Is it all right with you to finish work on bagua 4 on your own?
$ Absolutely.
$ How about bagua 2?
$ Relationships. I feel so happy with Carmen now. Can you see that scar? I used to have such arguments with my ex-girlfriend that even knives flew. I was madly in love with her, she came here to study at the University, obviously I followed her and then we never stopped fighting. When I met Carmen I felt as if I my sight had recovered.
$ Nevertheless, you don’t want to marry her.
$ I find marriage useless.
$ It’s a totally different commitment than saying: let’s live together. Getting married implies regarding many things as common: last name, bank account etc.

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