Chapter X – Part 2

So, number two.

What do you want your relationship with your partner to look like? Why is it so tempting not to marry her? What do you want your relationships with your friends to look like? What does partnership mean to you? What do you expect from your relationships: with your partner, friends, acquaintances, clients?


What do you want your relations with your family to be? What do you think about your relations with your parents and your brothers and sisters? What is your opinion about your superiors? Masters? What is their place in your memory? In your heart?


How much money do you really want to have? Is money a problem for you? Are you lucky? Maybe it’s worth while getting rid of bad luck and misfortune? Do you find yourself blessed in finance and material issues?


What are your goals as far as your health, the well-being of your body, mind and soul are concerned? Are you in shape? Does your body confirm that what you do, serves it? What does your body mean to you? Do you work with your body, on your body, maybe apart from your body? Maybe you force it to work for you?


What would be the best way for you to serve others? Do you have friends who are always on your side? Are you always on their side? What does philanthropy and charity mean to you? Theoretically or practically? What are your objectives in this matter? Are you generous? What do you know about social organizations?


If you knew that you were limitless what would you like to create? Do you write? Do you compose music? Do you paint? Do you design? Do you sculpt? Only in your daydreams or in reality, too? Don’t you want to have any children? Do you regard one’s children as a reason to be proud and joyful or merely as a source of problems and worries?


What are your aims in your spiritual life? Do you want to learn? Do you want to know more about anything? Do you meditate? What is your concept of God, life after the death and other transcendental questions? Do you feel inferior with what you know and don’t know?


Do you feel fulfilled? Are you haunted by the thought: I still lack something. Do you pay much attention to what other people think and say about you? Are you self-conscious? Do you realize what your needs are? Do you inspire other people? How do you evaluate your position in the reality that surrounds you?

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