Chapter VII – Part 9

$ Wherever I go on a business trip I take my English book and my notebook with me.

$ Revelation!

$ I haven’t glanced at them on my business trips more than 6 times, that’s a fact. But it’s a different story.

$ A totally different story.

$ I have a habit of putting back a CD or a DVD in its box after I finish playing it.

$ Thanks to this, CDs and DVDs don’t get destroyed and it is easy to find them. And habits from the other category?

$ I’m thinking what my habits are as far as learning languages is concerned. For sure the habit not to study.

$ It sounds very general to me. It seems to be a result of habits rather than a habit itself.

$ I have a habit to procrastinate. Today I won’t learn because I have 2 hours Language Coaching. Tomorrow I won’t do anything either because it’s only Wednesday, so I’ll catch up on one day off easily. On Thursday I’ll come to the following conclusion: I  won’t do anything on Friday anyway because I’m going to come late from work, so I’ll devote much time for English at weekend. At weekend I’ll be convinced that my family is the most important and I’ll promise to plan more efficiently my workdays from the next week on. Of course, I won’t start on Monday because it doesn’t make sense to prepare anything one day before my Language Coaching. It has been like this for years.

$ If I have a habit of switching off the alarm clock and sleeping afterwards and ascertain that this limits me because I get up too late, I am in a hurry, I am nervous from the very morning, what other habit can I replace it with?

$ Switch on 3 alarm clocks: the first at 6.00, 3 m away from the bed, the second one (integrated with a radio) at 6.02 in a neighboring room, the third one at 6.04 downstairs and leave a glass of water next to one of them so that as soon as I get up I need to walk, I listen to the radio and drink something instead of going back to the bedroom.

$ Excellent hint! What would you advise yourself and your procrastination then?

$ I suppose that the cure is to carry the can in the early morning and that in time if I could see the results of my effort I would feel much more motivated to learn more.

$ Is it realistic to reserve some time in the morning for your English?

$ Hardly ever.

$ Is it realistic to do it at some weekends and in one workday a week?

$ Much more.

$ Let’s have this for a start. Can you put it in your agenda now?

$ It’s not necessary. I’ll remember. And if I put it down and then don’t keep my word I’ll feel ashamed.

$ What about putting it down with a pencil and rubbing it if the situation you have just described occurres?

$ Why do you want me to do this?

$ Because it may turn out that when you observe this putting down and potential rubbing you’ll learn more about your habits or simply about yourself. E.g. I escape from learning English into tidying up. Or I prefer a hangover to keeping a promise made to myself. Or you’ll say: it doesn’t make sense anyway. I have been failing for 38 year, why should I succeed now?

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