Chapter VII – Part 8

I like those arrows. What do you call this?

$ A jumper. And this?

$ This is a napkin. That is a table cloth.

$ What is their relationship in your opinion?

$ They used to be a couple, they got a divorce and this man is his father. The mother passed away.

$ He’s a widower then. Imagine a short dialogue between them.

$ – You never loved me. – I didn’t?! I didn’t?! And who cheated on me?

No, it’s nonsense. I can’t write dialogues.

$ It’s all right. Next time you can bring more pictures and show me what arrows and/or dialogues you provided. Another thing. Find in our last text 10 words or expressions that you like or that you want to remember and put them down separately on Post-it. When you learn on your own you chose as many words as you feel like it; now we’re going to talk about your 10 examples. Number 1.

$ Share.

$ Where can you stick the Post-it so that you have no doubts what “share” means?

$ On my wife’s night table.

$ Number 2.

$ Cleanliness. In the bathroom. Number 3. A bomb site. On my desk. 4. Payroll. In my agenda, the 20th every month. 5. Craving. On the fridge. 6. Tackle. No idea.

$ What can you tackle?

$ A problem.

$ What’s your problem?

$ English.

$ Why don’t you post it on your English notebook?

$ 7. Premonition. I don’t know.

$ What do you think you’ll be doing at the New Year’s Eve?

$ Going to our friend’s house.

$ So please open your agenda on December 31st, put down: going to our friend’s house and post: “premonition”. We’ll see. Number 8?

$ Refurbishment. In the garage. 9. Actually. 10. Eventually. Nothing comes to my mind actually.

$ Would you like to post the whole context on one of your walls? And “eventually” on the last page of your beloved Student’s Book?

$ I can go for it.

$ Last but not least. Today you mentioned something what you called a terrible habit and what was related to food. You know what they say: habits determine 90% of our actions.

$ 90%?! So where the hell is the free will?

$ I’m wondering. In choosing habits that support your life and getting rid of habits that limit you? Think about some of your habits in both categories, please, supporting and limiting.

$ First supporting. O my gosh! Nothing comes to my mind.

$ Do you have a habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening?

$ Fortunately I do. Generally, I pay much attention to the hygiene of my body.

$ And other supporting habits, not necessarily body-oriented?

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