Chapter VII – Part 5

$ Now you are totally relaxed. Your breath is natural, regular.

Imagine that you’re sleeping.

I’m going to count from 1 to 3, at 3 you’re going to wake up and see yourself in a different life, where you’re a Bill who has mastered English. You’re going to see yourself in a different role, different from the one you usually perform almost every day.

Finally you’re going to be able to make your dreams come true; the dreams you have been dreaming for such a longtime.

The day you have been expecting has come.

You’re going to be able to live it.

And you’re going to be able to act with the whole power of the new you.

Ready: now you have everything you need to do what you want.

1, 2, 3.

The day has begun. Observe what you are doing in the early morning. Has the alarm clock woken you up? What time is it? Are you getting up with pleasure? Are you stretching out in bed? Are you thinking of sleeping a little longer? What are you doing next? Are you getting dressed? What are you putting on? Does your outfit reflect your new role?

Maybe in this new role your breakfast is different? Maybe you wake up in a new place? A place that used to seem exotic and inaccessible to you? What are your sensations at breakfast?

You had learned a lot before you faced your new challenges. Remember how you were getting ready: mentally and technically. Think about all the joy you found in the process of learning and about all the so called failures that were necessary to make you stronger.

Live every gesture with all the details, very precisely. Now you are facing a pile of new sensations. Live them, examine them and discover what is nice and interesting about them.

There comes the time to act. You have already achieved all the necessary skills and you can start acting, using your new potential. Feel you new responsibility you have taken.

You make decisions, choices.

Your new tasks are very precisely determined and you can see them very clearly.

Now you talk to different people than you used to, you call one another, write to one another, they can be your new acquaintances, guests in the hotel where you’re staying, new colleagues, business partners, maybe clients. Everybody is happy with this communication.

Feel the joy of participating in an enterprise where everybody is happy, reinforced and individually acknowledged.

Everybody succeeded.

Now is the moment of harvesting the fruit of your activity in the new role. Live all nice feelings of this moment and don’t think about how you got to it. Regardless of how you picture the result of your work imagine yourself as a farmer collecting the crops. Imagine that you are specialized in growing your beloved tomatoes. You have loved their taste and smell since your childhood. You have never been able to get enough of them. Then you started to grow them, full of passion. You invested much energy and love in your work. With a bliss you watched bushes growing out of the seeds, you observed their flowers and eventually their fruit: first green, then reddish, finally sanguine. And then you plucked one of them, cleaned with your shirt or trousers and bit into it. Its juice ran on your face and you knew: it’s time to harvest. One part to direct sell, second part for tomato sauce, third part to freeze, fourth part to dry.

You collected the crops, think about what part you want to give to other people. Maybe you want to express your gratitude to somebody for having been on your side when you were walking towards your new challenges.

Now you have a vast vision of your new activity.

Feel trust.


Reliance on the targets that you have chosen in your life.

Faith in your own potential to achieve your goals.

Imagine now that you are going home. You are full of enthusiasm and on your way back home you take your time to enjoy the new quality of your life.

Feel all the nice sensations that go with doing what makes much sense to you and what you find extremely meaningful.

Among your housemates, acquaintances, friends share what you experienced today. Observe their faces, listen to their voices.

They congratulate you, encourage you and bolster you up.

Feel all your happiness in this moment.

The night is coming. Time to sleep tight and calm; time to dream serene dreams and visions. Imagine all the sensations that accompany a recapitulation of the day, keep it in your memory till the evening. Step by step you can come back to the state of awareness. When you open your eyes in a moment, your mind will be brisk, relaxed, refreshed, full of enjoyment of living and ready to face all the tasks that are awaiting you today.

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