Chapter VII – Part 4

$ Assuming that there’s a different architect in the given place: a person who has just graduated, that’s their first job.

$ Nobody will contract them out. They can come on their own, but they won’t represent themselves. They will be apprentice in an office and their work will be supervised by a professional.

$ Is this young person going to be convinced that executing this project doesn’t require a miracle only because there’s his/her master on his/her side?

$ No. They know that hundreds of architects have designed other shops before, that these shops are doing fine, consequently it is not a task far beyond an architect’s reach.

$ That’s right. To sum up: regardless of their professional experience, an architect shows up in a given place and they can already see the hypermarket there, in their mind’s eye. And then the shop is built in real. As well as a young architect who knows that many of his colleagues have already designed similar buildings and comes to the conclusion: I am able to do it, too. You know that millions of people have learned foreign languages and you can draw the conclusion: I am able to do it, too.

$ If it were so easy…

$ Easy – not easy – it’s just a question of judgment. As well as the sportspeople who train in spite of pain and exhaustion and can see their victory only in their mind’s eye, you can learn a foreign language in spite of the frustration and discouragement, seeing yourself abroad, fluently communicating with the natives, although you can see it only in your mind’s eye. Today I’d like to present a visualization that I created for the clients in Language Coaching classes. The text has been inspired by the book by François J. Paul-Cavallier “Visualisation, des images pour agir”. Sit comfortably. Are you warm?

$ Yes, everything is ok.

$ Pay attention to real physical comfort for the next 15 minutes. Maybe you want to lay down? Take off your shoes? Go to the loo first? I suggest closing your eyes so that as little stimula as possible can distract you. Listen to the text, breathe freely and observe the pictures that are created in your head while I’m reading the text. When I make a break, keep on breathing freely and let your imagination guide you. Ready?

$ Yes, I am.

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