Chapter VII – Part 3

$ A rather undefined goal? That’s new to me! And what happened to your decision to learn how to communicate on holidays abroad without your friends’ help?

$ Well, I keep dreaming about it but it seems completely unreachable to me. For example, this year. The family we went on holiday with. They all speak English so well! It takes me some minutes to knock together one short sentence. And when I say it in my mother tongue and ask my friend to translate it, it takes seconds. I find it easier. I know. If I cut corners, I’ll never learn a language.

$ Can you go on holiday without them?

$ I won’t get by, I’m afraid. Look, such a simple situation: we ordered a taxi because we wanted to go to the city centre. I am already in the taxi, waiting for my friend. The taxi driver is asking me: where are we going? I was getting ready for this situation. I knew what I wanted to say and I was sure I knew words I needed to use. So I was explaining to him: city centre etc. He didn’t understand me. I explained once again, this time in panic. After a while my friend came, he said one word and we took off.

$ One word?

$ Yes, “downtown”.

$ Did you feel frustrated because you couldn’t make it although you were sure you would be able to make it?

$ I felt devastated. I didn’t speak any English till the end of holiday.

$ Is this friend of yours very self-confident?

$ O, yes! He’s doing very fine in business, he fantastically arranged the work in his company and with all this he has remained youthfully crazy. Every year he organizes a trip to an unknown country, he gets back to nature: tents, sometimes for weeks without a proper bathroom. Of course, his wife stays at home – she doesn’t allow less than 4 stars in her accommodation. For him, the wilder, the better. And when he tells jokes, everybody kill themselves laughing.

$ Do you have the impression that the vision of you using foreign languages abroad is just wishful thinking?

$ I find this vision realistic. I’m not reaching for the stars. Nevertheless, making it come true requires a miracle in my opinion. Is it a contradiction?

$ Even if it is a contradiction, the full doesn’t exclude paradox. The full includes and encompasses paradox. Let’s get back to the sports for a while. Before a team wins the World Championship, where can the players see their triumph, their golden medals and other prizes?

$ Only in their imagination or while dreaming.

$ That’s it. Your company construct hypermarkets. Tell me what the whole process looks like.

$ Firstly, the owners of a chain decide that they want to have the next sales point in a given place. They purchase a lot, get all necessary permissions, hire a company like mine and about a year later they organize an inauguration ceremony.

$ So imagine that within the next minutes you’re approaching your mastering of foreign languages the way your architect approaches a next hypermarket. The architect comes to a given place, there’s a vacant lot and he can already see a new shop. Does the realization of this enterprise require a miracle?

$ No, it doesn’t. But my architect has already designed a dozen of buildings like this.

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