Chapter VI – Part 9

$ I don’t remember having been researched in the field of foreign languages by anyone. Nevertheless, such research is done on a representative sample that reflects an average person.

$ That’s the point. Has anybody ever seen an average person? Everyone of us is exceptional in their way.

$ If we start talking like this we’ll discredit all the results of all the research.

$ To some extent it is vital. Let me give you an example. The results of some research confirm that eating the main meal in the late evening just before you go to bed favors digestion problems. Some others say that the human body regenerates mainly at night, so it needs to be well fed before getting down to such a hard work.

$ That’s a fact. The best thing is to get to know your body the best you can and decide on your own when you need a fat dinner or when you need to go to bed with an empty stomach.

$ Right. So we have already got some supportive alternative opinions.

$ My hearing is good enough for me to make progress in learning foreign languages. I’ve got everything I need to be able to learn a foreign language. I have always been a good student and I know how to learn. The older I am the more effectively I learn. You know what, I don’t believe the last one.

$ We went through this while working on the emotions. You asked me: am I supposed to lie to myself that I feel good? Far from this. It is about being conscious of what is and choosing something else. You told me about Bleckar. For him this sentence is true. Give me one reason why this sentence can’t be true for you.

$ I have never been as successful as Bleckar.

$ You have never been as old as Bleckar, either.

$ Hahahaha!

$ Let’s have a look at this together: what is first: a conviction that I’ll achieve something or the achievement itself?

$ Generally, if I’m sure there’s something I can’t handle, I don’t even try doing this. E.g. computer programming or production of furniture. I don’t feel attracted to this at all.

$ Right! I don’t feel attracted! What if nothing denotes that I’ve got talent for something and in spite of this I feel attracted to it? Have you ever experienced that?

$ I have never learned how to bake cakes and I felt like doing this. Everybody told me to start with something easy: a sponge cake or a tart. And I have always loved the smell of yeast cake at home so I wanted to do that.

$ And?

$ I took a recipe from my mum, I bought the ingredients, made the leaven. It turned out to be a delicious cake.

$ Although nothing denoted this and people discouraged you from doing it.

$ Exactly.

$ So if we use your yeast example and transfer it to the language area…

$ Are you saying that I’m supposed to believe that the older I am the more effectively I learn?

$ Or just stop leaning over backwards to declare that you don’t believe it at all. Leave a margin and let life surprise you. How many yeast cakes would you need to screw up to start saying: I don’t feel attracted anymore?

$ It’s an abstract question. I never assumed I would be able to fail.

$ That is awesome! Please, apply this way of thinking to German. I.e.: I believe that the older I am the more effectively I learn; although I can’t see any evidence of this belief so far, I don’t assume that it is not true. Can you make it?

$ I’ll see.

$ Very enthusiastic.

$ Very cynical.

$ Fair enough.

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