Chapter VI – Part 4

$ How are you?

$ I’m fine, thanks. And you?

$ I’m ok, thank you. What did you do yesterday?

$ Yesterday I went to the company E to discuss the details of our contract. In the afternoon I worked from home.

$ How was your German?

$ I watched “Das Leben der Anderen”. It’s a very good film.

$ I’m very happy you enjoyed it.

$ Yes, I’m happy I enjoyed it.

$ Eve, what did I say?

$ You asked me whether I was happy to see the film.

$ Listen to me: I – am – happy – YOU – enjoyed – it.

$ Ah, you are happy I enjoyed it.

$ That’s it.

$ I told you that my hearing was impaired and that is why I have problems learning foreign languages.

$ I beg your pardon: can you hear what I say when I say: I am happy you enjoyed it?

$ Yes, I can.

$ Can you understand every single word in this sentence?

$ Yes, I can.

$ It means the reason is somewhere else. Please, put down right now, on the spot, some opinions that you have about foreign languages, about learning foreign languages, about you yourself as a person who is learning foreign languages etc. In this exercise it is important to find the destructive thoughts that hinder learning languages, discourage you from learning; shortly: do not serve your life, do not enrich it. In the meantime I’ll have a look at your presentation.

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