Chapter VI – Part 10

What is the next thought on your list?

$ That I don’t know, I can’t. Bloody destructive.

$ Would you like to suggest an alternative opinion?

$ If I say: I know, I can, it will be a lie again.

$ Let’s have a look at this. Do you know more now than you used to at the beginning of the language course? Do you know more than people who have never taken up German? Can you speak your mother tongue?

$ Of course!

$ So please be more specific about what you don’t know, what you can’t.

$ My German is so poor that my presentations are hopeless, my small talk is pitiful and my letters and reports are warped.

$ You would win if they organized world championship in being hard on yourself.

$ That’s the way I see it.

$ Transform such a killing opinion into a supportive one, please.

$ I can speak German well enough to make my presentations…

$ … informative and interesting

$ my small talk communicative and letters and reports…

$ … clear. How is that for you?

$ It makes me dream.

$ What’s next on your list?

$ I have no time to learn German and it refers to two aspects: I have no time to learn German as I used to learn at school because I work, I have a house and a family, which means: I have many duties; the other one: there’s no time left, I’m too old now, it’s too late now.

$ I’ll start with the other aspect. It seems to me that Bleckar isn’t feeling at home in your heart so far.

$ The older I am the more effectively I learn? No, not yet. I can hardly swallow when I am supposed to say that. It doesn’t make sense. This method is not for me.

$ Do you remember how your son learned how to walk?

$ Sure thing.

$ Was it so that he needed to make a huge effort to stand up and at the very beginning he constantly fell on the ground?

$ Exactly.

$ And then he started standing up more easily, he did some steps and if he didn’t reach anything stable, a wall, a piece of furniture, he fell on the ground again?

$ Right. Then, gradually, his walks became larger and larger.

$ When he fell down for the thousandth time, was it a reason for him to get discouraged?

$ No way. That was a challenge for the adults to soften all hard furniture on his way with cushions.

$ Just like your son, you have a right to fall thousand times and stand up.

$ One objection: walking is something natural while every time I am supposed to say: the older I am the more effectively I learn I can feel my resistance.

$ Today you need much effort and concentration to be able to think it. Test on yourself how it is going to work for you next week, next month. With patience. Like a child. Every child – a different way. Every child in their own pace.

$ And if it turns out that it’s not about this?

$ I am absolutely sure that if you need something else it will come to you or you’ll be led to this. And as for the first aspect: I have no time to learn German because I have so many duties, let me tell you how to make a lifestyle out of learning foreign languages. I will enumerate a couple of activities and I’m asking you to indicate which ones you perform and how often: 1. reading newspapers and magazines; 2. looking for information on the Internet; 3. talking to friends; 4. listening to music; 5. watching films; 6. listening to the radio and watching TV; 7. reading books; 8. travelling abroad; 9. hobby.

$ From 1 to 7 – actually every day. 8 – a couple of times a year. 9 – it is very different.

$ Step by step.

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