Chapter V – Part 8

$ Quadrant 1: jams.

$ Are jams really important? What will happen if you don’t cook jams for one or two years?

$ I don’t like the industrial jams. They taste of nothing. I must have homemade jams.

$ You were on a diet some time ago, weren’t you? Is it a jam diet?

$ No, of course not. I hardly ever eat jams, but I cook them for my girls. We’ve got fruit trees, so every year we collect dozens of pounds of fruit, we eat some, we freeze some, but most is transformed into jams.

$ So the point is not to EAT jams.

$ No, it isn’t.

$ Can your wife and your daughter cook jams themselves, since practically only they eat them?

$ Forget it. We spoiled our daughter rotten: she won’t even clear the dustbin and my wife is ill.

$ I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t know. I saw her a couple of days ago when she was leaving her office and she asked me about dance workshops.

$ Yes, because she is not regularly ill. She works, looks healthy etc. But she is so weak that sometimes she stands and all of the sudden she falls down. Consequently, I am in charge of all the house chores.

$ That is very interesting: with so many professional commitments and so much housework you insist on cooking jams. You know what I mean: when I asked you about important / urgent things, jams turned out to be number 1. I’ll be pleased to know more about it.

$ All my fucking life fucking broads have been telling me what I am supposed to do. First, my mother, because she had to be strong. My father drank, but he wasn’t an alcoholic: he used to drink only at home.

$ He got drunk at home and he wasn’t an alcoholic.

$ Well, sometimes, very rarely, he came drunk from work or from drinking with colleagues. But he never ever sat on benches in parks with real drinkers.

There were three of us and our mother had to bring us up and to earn money to meet our needs. We had to obey her; otherwise, she wouldn’t have got by with all this. If we didn’t, there was spanking. And I approve of this. Children must be brought up in discipline if they are to become someone.

$ Your mom must be very proud of all her children’s achievements.

$ My brother has been drinking all his life, he is very ill, he is younger than me and already retired, though. He lives with our mom. And my sister… If I went to a party with her and wanted to keep her company as far as the glasses are concerned, I would find myself stiff lying under the table very soon and she would party till dawn.

$ Are you a shining beacon in your family?

$ How so?! If I could speak English I would work in a prestigious college for a long time and earn 10 times as much as I do now for doing the same job.

$ We are coming back to one of our first conversations: I promise you: if you do, what I encourage you to doing, in one year you’ll be able to write down in your CV:

Languages: English – pre-intermediate or intermediate

you’ll go to an interview and you’ll make as good impression as if it were happening in your mother tongue.

$ I have no time for this now.

$ In this way we are coming back to the jams. For you, they are important and urgent. What would change in your life, if they were not important and urgent? They are going to be urgent at this time every year because fruit doesn’t adapt to our schedules.

$ Actually, they are completely unimportant to me. I don’t give a shit! I cook jams, because I can’t fucking listen: Adam, when are you going to cook jams, because fruit is so ripe that they’re starting to decay on the trees? Decay? So why don’t you fucking pluck them yourself? These broads have made me to a fucking servant: Adam, the windows are dirty again. Adam, neighbors’ floor is so beautiful, you must sand ours. Adam, the cat has a diarrhea and is throwing up, take her to the vet. Adam, change my winter tires. Adam, pick our daughter up from the cinema. Fuck them! Everything I earn is spent on our home and their needs. Fuck it! When there are sales in a couple of months, I’ll buy a new Mondeo. Only for me!

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