Chapter V – Part 7

$ So, “figure out” is like think carefully about something.

$ Yes, until you find the answer.

$ And “the story of my life…” means I haven’t got much to say.

$ Yes, I need a little time to tell you the story of my life.

$ Interesting. Is there a step 5?

$ Yes, there is. You switch off the subtitles and the dubbing, you sit comfortably on your sofa, you enjoy watching the film as if you were a native speaker because you understand every single word, every single expression and every single joke. Paradise!

$ It seems boring to me to watch the same film five times in a row.

$ Firstly, you don’t need to watch it five times in a row. You can have your own collection of film teachers versus teaching films so that you don’t repeat one film more than once a month or so. Secondly, we come back to our condition: you like that film.

I’ve observed that after having watched a film about six times, I know it by heart. Thanks to the picture, it comes without learning by heart. As in life. With one difference: you live somebody else’s life for two hours.

Something else. Today I want to discuss with you the issue of time, and I mean what they call: time management. Then I will leave you with this and with the idea of working on films until you realize that you not only want to come back to English but also that you have come back to learning English and you’ve got questions to ask me. It doesn’t matter if it takes you weeks, months or years.

$ You’re so cruel to me.

$ Am I? I thought I would save your time. If you don’t state that English is one of your priorities, our meetings don’t make sense and my work is pure frustration.

$ That’s why I’m saying you’re so cruel to me: you force me to realize and to admit that I am the only person responsible for my English.

$ And I’m keeping my hands off!

$ Hahahahaha!

$ I recommended to you a book by S.R. Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. What I owe him is the Time Management Matrix, i.e. a division of all activities into four quadrants:

  1. Important / urgent
  2. Important / not urgent
  3. Not important / urgent
  4. Not important / not urgent.

Can you give me three examples from your life in every group?

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