Chapter V – Part 2

$ I have no time to learn English. It is so tense now. When I have finished my book for publishing, I will prepare the syllabus for the next year, finish the plan for this year, make apricot, cherry and plum jams, then we are going to our mountain house. When I am back, the Senate assemblies will start.

$ I don’t want to listen to this.

$ Yes, I know your opinion: regardless of whether I am Richard Branson or Adam Z., the day is 24 hours long.

$ Do you sometimes watch TV?

$ Yes, I do. News in the morning and in the evening. A stupid movie form time to time, just to relax, not to have to think too much.

$ So today I will show you how you can let yourself be taught a foreign language. This time it is about watching a film, relaxing, like when you watch a film, not about learning a language in a classical way. From this pile of DVDs, please, choose one that you have seen, that you remember and that you like. This condition is non-negotiable: you work on films that you like.

$ I like none of these.

$ Which one have you seen?

$ “When Harry met Sally”.

$ Great. Let’s watch together chapter 1 and I will tell you how I work on films while learning foreign languages.


Man: I was sitting with my friend Arthur Cornrom in a restaurant. It was an cafeteria and this beautiful girl walked in and I turned to Arthur and I said, “Arthur, you see that girl? I’m going to marry her, and two weeks later we were married and it’s over fifty years later and we are still married.

(At the university, Harry and Amanda kissing goodbye.)

Amanda: I love you

Harry: I love you

Sally: (clears throat) kmm kmm… Kmm Kmm

Amanda: Oh, hi Sally. Sally, this is Harry Burns.

Harry, this is Sally Allbright.

Harry: Nice to meet you.

Sally: You want to drive the first shift?

Harry: No, you’re there already you can start.

Sally: Back’s open.

Amanda: Call me.

Harry: I’ll call you as soon as I get there.

Amanda: Oh, call me from the road.

Harry: I’ll call you before that.

Amanda: I love you.

Harry: I love you.

Sally: (honks) Sorry.

Harry: I miss you already, huh, I miss you already.

Amanda: I miss you.

Harry: Bye.

Amanda: Bye.

(Harry and Sally in the car, on their way to New York)

Sally: I have it all figured out. It’s an eighteen hour trip which breaks down into six shifts of three hours each or alternatively we could break it down by mileage.

(Harry climbs to reach for something at the back-seat.)

Sally: There’s a…there’s a map on the huh… visor that I’ve marked to show the locations so we can change shifts.

Harry: Grapes?

Sally: No, I don’t like to eat between meals.

(Harry spits pits out but the window was shut.)

Harry: I’ll roll down the window. Why don’t you tell me the story of your life.

Sally: Story of my life?

Harry: We’ve got eighteen hours to kill before we hit New York.

Sally: The story of my life isn’t even going to get us out of Chicago I mean nothing’s happened to me yet. That’s why I’m going to New York.

Harry: So something can happen to you?

Sally: Yes.

Harry: Like what?

Sally: I can go into journalism school to become a reporter.

Harry: So you can write about things that happen to other people.

Sally: That’s one way to look at it.

Harry: Suppose nothing happens to you. Suppose you lived out your whole life and nothing happens you never meet anybody you never become anything and finally you die in one of those New York deaths which nobody notices for two weeks until the smell drifts into the hallway.

Sally: Amanda mentioned you had a dark side.

Harry: That’s what drew her to me.

Sally: Your dark side.

Harry: Sure. Why don’t you have a dark side? No you’re probably one of those

cheerful people who dots their eyes with little hearts.

Sally: I have just as much of a dark side as the next person.

Harry: Oh really. When I buy a new book I always read the last page first, that way in case I die before I finish I know how it ends. That my friend is a dark side.

Sally: That doesn’t mean you’re deep or anything I mean…yes, basically I’m a happy person…

Harry: So am I.

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