Chapter V – Part 13

$ Who did you coach today?

$ Adam, among others.

$ What did Adam teach you about you?

$ Adam reminded me how deep the resemblance to my parents is rooted in me.

$ One half of you is your mom, one half of you is your dad.

$ Evidently. The point is, in other words, that during the meeting a part of my head was wondering: ‘how am I working out’? ‘What is the impression that I’m making’? Or I occasionally caught myself wishing the class over already. Or the question of how I had dressed.

$ What question about how you dressed?

$ My parents saved everything, they practically didn’t throw clothes away, not even white shirts with yellow underarm stains although they could easily afford new, expensive clothing. I am very wealthy myself and yet I save everything.

$ Whatever for?

$ Because it’s very time-consuming to look for a design, cloth, to visit the seamstress a couple of times, to dry clean. So, I put on jeans, a shirt and a jumper and that’s it.

$ What seems to be the matter then?

$ The way I dress is my non-verbal communication with the world. I leave my room and I say: it’s me. That is: who? I can see a discrepancy between what I am and what I show to the world. Do you remember, Gandhi, when he changed his strategy, he changed his clothes: a suit in South Africa, a tunic when he was back in India, and a piece of home-spun wool when he decided to restore domestic handicraft.

$ What are you going to do about it?

$ I’ll practice one step at a time. When I start wondering how I come out I’ll remind myself that it’s my opinion that matters.

$ And mine!

$ Hahahaha! When I start to want it to be after class I’ll practice patience and industry. And I’ll draw language coaches. A drawing will reveal to me what I want to look like.

$ Casual smart, that’s what I see.

$ Better smart than casual. I was really shocked during Adam’s class today. You know, last week I dreamed of my mom. I visited her and she said: ‘I’ll buy some coffee’. I said: ‘No, mom, I’ll send you some really good coffee from my city’. My mom agrees. She says she’s going home and asks me if I keep her company. It was too far to walk so we took the tram. And it wasn’t a regular tram. It was a sophisticated rapid-transit vehicle. We got on. We were chatting and suddenly a woman with a suitcase approached us and said: ‘your tickets, please’. And I paid a fine because I had none.

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