Chapter IX – Part 8

$ Does this change your answer to the question: which one of them has achieved anything in your opinion?

$ Yes, it does. Both have achieved something. Everyone has done it their way.

$ Do you know why I described these two people to you?

$ Because I came to the conclusion: show me your achievements and I will tell you who you are and added that I hadn’t achieved anything.

$ Exactly. First of all, it’s too soon to tell. Secondly, something that you regard as nothing: raising a baby and/or being a successful housewife is far beyond many people’s reach. Consequently, to me it pays off to consider yourself as a better person. From now on. Regardless of what there is on your waiting list and how miserable you feel if you think your perspective will always remain a perspective.

$ Horrifying.

$ What’s next?

$ Freedom.

$ Elaborate on that.

$ If I am abroad and I can speak the language of a given country I am independent. I don’t need to look for a chemist’s where they speak English in order to get what I want, I can go to any pharmacy like every citizen in this country. If I want to make any arrangements, I don’t need an interpreter. And locals are more friendly if they see I have made the effort to learn their language. They can’t safely backbite me nor reveal their secrets in my company. I can listen to and understand any news, read any newspaper and be in the swim.

$ What else limits your freedom?

$ The need to eat and drink.

$ And to sleep.

$ To sleep in my own bed.

$ And to take baths in my own bath-tub.

$ Indeed. My tailor, my coffee. Do you know that I hardly ever drink coffee when I am not at home? I am able not to drink any coffee for weeks to avoid spitting out of disgust and cheating on my beloved, the best in the world coffee machine. When it breaks down (which happened 4 times over last 10 years) I feel depressed.

$ And when you’re not at home you are able not to drink coffee for weeks.

$ Because this is something different: when I am not at home I know that my coffee machine is not accessible and it’s just too bad. And at home… there she is – I can see it, I can touch it and so what? There won’t be any coffee until a specialist repairs the machine.

$ Now it’s clear. Go on.

$ My beautician, my masseur and my hairdresser. And a proven quality of a hair color. But it is all nothing compared to my husband’s job and our child.

$ Can you be more specific?

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