Chapter IX – Part 7

$ Sur mesure. Tell me something more about how ‘tailor made’ motivates you.

$ The way tailor made clothes do. If I buy something in a shop, in time it turns out that here I bulge, there it is too lose etc. And if I go to a tailor, especially to the one who has known me for years, the length is ideal, nothing pinches, nothing wrinkles. The same with learning languages. A tailor made program takes into account my needs, my interests, my background, my target, my pace, the methods I like.

$ That sounds good with ‘attention’ and ‘amour propre.’ Seven?

$ Perspective.

$ Which is a promise of future results.

$ Right. And there’s plenty of it. In our city I can meet many French people and start conversations with them. When buying wine, I can read the label, understand it and order with a genuine French accent. The same thing in a restaurant. The perspective of a trip. The comfort of being abroad and understanding the locals. I feel a bliss when I imagine that.

$ In all these visualizations you’re the only person in your family who speaks French.

$ Yes, I am. My husband needs me, he is proud of me, my daughter wants to copy me.

$ In these visualizations you are a better person because you have achieved something.

$ Of course! Show me your achievements and I will tell you who you are.

$ You have just touched on a very important subject. How do you tell apart people who have achieved something from those who haven’t?

$ E.g. my husband. He became a CEO when he was 31. This is an achievement. I am a housewife. I haven’t achieved anything.

$ Have a look at the following two persons. One of them is a training guru in our country. A totally media person, very popular, very busy. Every year he writes and publishes a book. I mean, a ghost writer does it for him. The other person is an only child, a girl who is not exactly spoiled but exempted from life by her parents: they help her always and everywhere, even if she doesn’t need it, castrating her that way. The girl, scared of living, graduates from a University that doesn’t require much from her, keeps on living in her parents’ house, doesn’t start her own family, takes up jobs that are not very challenging for her. In your opinion: which person has achieved anything?

$ Obviously the guru. I think I know who’s on your mind. I hate him!

$ Why is that?

$ He is so arrogant. He always knows best. Everything. He knows everybody and behind this there’s nothing, only cash. I remember him on TV 10 years ago: jeans, a shirt, a jacket. Now – suits from the catwalk.

$ It’s interesting that you’re saying this in spite of the fact that you chose him, not the girl, as a successful person.

$ I have to admit: he has achieved much. And this intimidated girl…

$ Right. Imagine that it’s 40 years later. In the branch of trainings everything has changed. Nobody remembers our guru. The parents of the girl passed away and she is no longer exposed either to criticism or to comments like: ‘whatever for?’ ‘be careful!’ ‘it won’t bring you much money’ etc. She publishes a book with her poems that she has been writing since she was very young. She sells the house inherited from her parents and start working as a journalist.

$ She set herself free.

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