Chapter IX – Part 6

$ I’m asking you these questions because probably it is not  y o u r  motivation. That’s a fact, if I master the language spoken in a given country, it’s an advantage, when I travel there. But is it necessary?

$ On Tenerife we only spoke English and it was fine.

$ Right. If travels are supposed to motivate me to learn foreign languages and there are over 100 countries, and over 3,000 languages, maybe it’s easier to transform into a cyborg or adapt the methods Neo applied in “Matrix” or Milla Jovovich in “The Fifth Element”. Probably when you are a cyborg you experience something similar to what people from the surroundings of the Tower of Babel did. Or the apostles when the Holy Spirit descended on them the day of the Pentecost so that they started to speak languages. Let’s move on.

$ As I said, the beauty of the sound of the French language motivates me.

$ Do you insist on emitting such beautiful sounds yourself or it’s enough for you to understand when Jacques Brel sings or Alain Delon recites.

$ I don’t even need to understand! The very listening to the French radio excites me. Not always, of course. It depends on the broadcaster. Thirdly, it boosts my ego to tell my friends: sorry, I can’t meet you then because I have language coaching class. They ask me: what do you learn? And I say: French. O! I feel so proud, so exquisite, so uncommon, outstanding, extraordinary.

$ Is it a similar feeling to marry the man who is ‘that obscure object of desire’ of every single girl?

$ Marriage is an overrated institution. And when a baby comes to this world, everything turns upside down. You can’t compare that to learning foreign languages.

$ Certainly. Number 4.

$ Your attention motivates me. I feel special in your eyes and I look forward to coming here to get this feeling. Five: systematic. I’m not systematic yet but I hope I’ll be and if I imagine myself really motivated to learn French, I see a systematic Melanie.

$ In your love story there is a beautiful part about how you fell in love with Tom fighting with a halberd: for a couple of years there was a drought. A little seed remained a little seed because it wasn’t the right time, the right place for your relationship to develop. Did your motivation decrease? No, it didn’t. In spite of that, did you succeed? Yes, you did. Being systematic can be a myth if you choose to think so and if this opinion enriches your life.

$ But if X hadn’t trained systematically, he wouldn’t have become the world champion.

$ Fair enough. For many years I had been motivating students to study languages and I had been telling them for example about Y whose trainings are planned day by day hour by hour two years before a championship. And for many years I had observed that little motivated students started to study hard 1-3 months before the final school exam or so and passed it with 75%. It taught me humbleness and I understood one thing: they didn’t want to run marathons in less than 2 hours and a half. They want to run to catch the bus without shortness of breath. Check what serves you: to torment yourself for not being systematic or debunk it. Number six?

$ Tailor made.

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