Chapter IX – Part 5

So I went to the breakfast and he was there. Of course, I took a seat next to him, I was amazed at the way he listened to what I was saying about my cosmetics. Closely he seemed even more attractive to me. These eyes! And he smelled of a healthy man. There, at breakfast, in this crowd of 150 people, he would have been able to do anything he wanted  if he had put me on the table and touched my body with his beautiful hands. I fell head over heels in him. He called me because he wanted to get some cosmetics. Then we went for a cup of coffee. Only he doesn’t drink coffee. Then we had a romantic dinner together, then we met in my place, then in his place. Everything went on so naturally, but deep inside I was about to explode.

$ Hormones?

$ Plus the fact that he turned out to be extremely popular with girls. One day I told one of my yoga friends that Tom D said this and that. And she asked me: you know Tom D?! Do you know him very well? Where did you meet? What is he like? Because you know, I talked to him once and he is such an erudite and at the same time so modest and so attentive. Another day I was talking to another girl and said that I liked “The Quartet” in the New Theatre very much. And she said: wouldn’t I know it. You went to the premiere with Tom D. In fact, it inspired me to think: the man, who is desired by half of the city will choose me. I couldn’t sleep because of my potential rivals. I gave myself hard time imagining him making love to them. And we weren’t a couple yet!  In my mind’s eye I dumped him from time to time and then I was shedding tears at the very thought that if I let him go I’d never ever love anybody so much as him. I developed a strategy to survive these flocks of girls around him: I dated many men, 5-6 admirers, no commitment, of course. And I was lucky again. I remember it as if it had been yesterday. I was wearing a white roll-neck sweater with short sleeves, a short grey skirt, a red belt, a red bag and red pumps with very high heels. And red corals. I was going past Mollini, glanced at people sitting inside and saw Tom with some people. I entered just to say good afternoon – that was the official version. The people turned out to be his parents. Tom introduced us, I congratulated them on the son. They invited me to have lunch with them, obviously I said I had a meeting but I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee. We quickly found a common language with Tom’s father because I like cooking and it jumped out that he was a gourmet: he looks like Gérard Depardieu. Sometime later I got an invitation to celebrate their wedding anniversary and at Christmas we got engaged.

$ And 10 years later you hate Christmas.

$ And 10 years later I hate Christmas.

$ I love the story of your motivation. We’ll draw from it a lot. Show me your scheme. Do you remember the sequence of your associations?

$ Maybe. When I think of what motivates me to learn French, travelling comes to my mind.

$ Be more specific, please. Is France a special country for you? Do you want to live there?

$ No, no. Nothing doing. We were thinking of Provence next year, so I thought to myself: it would be great to be able to communicate there.

$ When you were going to Tuscany, did you learn Italian?

$ No, I didn’t.

$ When you were going to Lisboa, did you learn Portugese?

$ Neither.

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