Chapter IX – Part 4

$ How much time did it take you to understand yoga so well that you were able to practice on your own?

$ About two years. But with yoga it was different. I didn’t have motivation to do it. I went to ‘Harmony’ partly because I was bored, partly because I was curious. After two years even idiots can practice on their own. And I have a huge motivation to learn French!

$ I see. Do you feel impatient because your motivation is not reflected in any particular results?

$ And glum because months pass by.

$ So far it’s the third month.

$ And nothing denotes that in Cannes I’ll be able to talk with the waiter about the bouillabaise I’ll be ordering.

$ I told you once about association exercise – one of the ways to enrich your vocabulary.

$ It rings a bell.

$ Let’s talk about the word ‘transition.’ The same in French. Pronounce [trãzisjõ]. You’re in a transition now, finding a new identity, so that you can make expected progress in French. What are your associations with a transition?

$ A transition comes about as a result of somebody’s involvement in something.

$ Write down: ‘come about’ and ‘involvement’.

$ E.g. as a result of studies you undertake.

$ Ok. Here we are: ‘undertake’.

$ If your company needs a transition, you’d better identify the requirements of the market first.

$ Fair enough. ‘Identify’, ‘requirement.’ Talking about companies, if they decide to change their manpower planning, what can they do?

$ They can redeploy permanent employees, contract out some activities, undergo programs of change.

$ Yep. ‘Redeploy’, ‘contract out’, ‘undergo.’ What can be a negative outcome?

$ Industrial unrest and early retirement.

$ So you know how it works. Take your time now and put down your associations related to your motivation to learn French. This time in French.


Before we start discussing your scheme tell me about a situation from your real life when you were highly motivated and you achieved your goal.

$ I was determined to become my present husband’s girlfriend and eventually marry him. You realize of course that it’s top secret. My husband mustn’t know. When I saw him for the first time, he was just giving a show of martial arts. I admired and found pretty scary this tall, handsome man menacing with a halberd. He was there, on the stage, far away from me, fighting with an invisible enemy. So I adored him, fantasized about him and at the same time I was afraid of him. A couple of years later I saw a play in the Dance Theatre and he was there, too, as a spectator. During the break, I enjoyed watching him talk to his friends, smile, laugh and I found him charming. To get to know him better and to make him crazy about me became the most important points in my life. I was lucky because at that time I was in charge of selling cosmetics and I got an invitation to breakfast at BNI.

$ Business Network International? Is this the group of people whose aim is to recommend one another?

$ Exactly.

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