Chapter IX – Part 2

$ I feel awful at this time of the year.

$ Do you mean the weather?

$ Basically yes. I get up at 6.00 am to pick the kids up to school on time – it’s still night. The sun rise is at about 7.00 am. So what? It’s completely dark anyway. Days are grey: more grey or less grey. At about noon you’re able to open the curtains and switch the lights off. After a while it’s dark again and the night starts soon.

$ You hate November and December, don’t you?

$ Yes, wholeheartedly. Becoming a hibernator – that would be my way. There’s no winter in paradise. In paradise, all year long you can walk naked and you don’t feel cold. All year long the fruit grows on the trees: you can crop juicy delicacies all the time.

$ On the other hand: no skiing, no snowman.

$ People invented skiing to be able to move on the land covered with snow. When the primary reason stopped being the mainspring because they invented snow ploughs, they talked themselves into liking it in order to shorten to time waiting for spring.

$ December is the time when we get ready for Christmas.

$ What are you giving me with Christmas?

$ You don’t like Christmas either.

$ I like the way my child loves Christmas. Unfortunately it’s more input than output.

$ What do you mean?

$ If you want to buy a sensible present and not to overpay you need to start or even better finish in October. Excuse me, have you got some tissue?

$ Here you are.

$ I don’t know what happens. I don’t have a runny nose. I haven’t caught a cold and every time I come to you I need to blow my nose.

$ As if you wept without shedding tears.

$ Get over yourself. So the Christmas thing starts in autumn. Maybe it used to make sense in the past: people were poorer, they starved a lot, the ‘grande bouffe’ on holidays was a real celebration. And now? If I feel like it I can bake ginger bread every day. In fact, my target now is to ration pleasures of the palate, let alone to watch my weight.

$ The upcoming Christmas brings much tension.

$ Evidently. And the worst thing is that I can’t control this. Every year I go shopping and buy loads of food, everything the best quality, because it’s for the fucking Christmas. I spend hours, I spend days in the kitchen, cooking tons of food, which we eat subsequently, we overeat and what we don’t eat out is frozen and we keep eating the leftovers till spring.

$ You seem to be very disappointed with Christmas.

$ That’s what I am. And helpless. We used to leave and go to hot countries for Christmas and New Year. That was more expensive but so much more comfortable. And this injection of sunshine and heat in the middle of winter! Unfortunately, my child was so sad about spending Christmas not at home. And I am not able to say ‘no’ to her because I think I am a disgraceful mother and this makes me furious. And also my husband got scolded because he turned out to be an impious son who didn’t want to spend Christmas with his mom. And they are four siblings: two sisters, their brother and my husband. Only my husband is the mummy’s sonny boy.

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