Chapter III – Part 3

  1. If you learn a language on your own, start with small portions: one sentence or half a sentence at once if it is long. It’s better to know less correctly than to skimp.
  2. If you learn at school or attend a course, you need to practice at home Start the very same day the class took place. You mustn’t break contact with the language the days you have no classes. Under no circumstances! On the day you have no classes repeat what you learned the day before. Many people are of the opinion that the very enrolling to a course is enough to learn a language. You can’t be more wrong! If you don’t invest some effort in learning a language, nobody will be able to teach you that.
  3. Weekends are not a pretext not to learn languages. The principle is as follows: learn a language 7 days a week.
  4. If for one reason or another you need to have a break in learning, get back to work as soon as you can. Don’t say to yourself: I’ll start tomorrow. No! Start learning the first moment you can.
  5. You can stop learning only if you are bed-ridden. On the other hand, a light cold and one day in bed is an excellent opportunity to learn longer, not to avoid it.
  6. Don’t get discouraged with difficulties, learn, learn, learn. The more intensively you learn, the sooner you’ll speak foreign languages.
  7. Be sure you don’t need any special talents to learn languages. An average intelligence is enough. You may need special talents to pronounce with a particular accent but not to just speak fluently. It’s better to speak a foreign language fluently with your proper accent than not to speak it at all.
  8. Remember: only those have mastered a language who can speak and write it. You need to practice writing, too. But don’t worry if your writing skills are much weaker than your speaking. If you can speak a language it is already a lot.
  9. Enjoy every opportunity to use your foreign language in public. Prepare such a “performance” as good as possible. You will see what joy it is.
  10. Remember: having learned one language makes it easier to learn the next one.

$ I like the one about the illness. And number 10. And the creed.

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