Chapter III – Part 2

$ Hello Ann! You look so gorgeous! So chic! This tone of blond fits your lapis lazuli eyes in a brilliant way!

$ Thanks.

$ How are you?

$ I feel very exhausted. Last week I started a very strict diet, I eat a lot of meat, it acidifies the body, they say. I have already lost much weight but I feel so irked and tearful that I will not be able to follow my commitment, I’m afraid.

$ And how is your Catalan?

$ Don’t even talk about it. I didn’t do anything. I will go on holiday to Catalunya fat and without having learned Catalan.

$ You’re leaving in September.

$ Right.

$ So you have plenty of time and all the influence on how you use it. You already know the Birkenbihl’s method. Today I’m going to introduce another polyglot – Zygmunt Broniarek who describes in his book “How I Learned 8 Languages” the way he works on languages and he tells many language anecdotes. What I find the most interesting is the fact that this person, a Polish journalist, a man in a certain age now, mastered those 8 languages in the communist times in his country, when foreign books and newspapers were practically inaccessible unless they were Russian and politically correct. Forget about the foreign radio and the TV! The Internet didn’t exist. Let alone humiliating, never ending visa and passport procedures, currency limitations etc. In spite of all those obstacles he achieved something that not many people manage to achieve nowadays, when alive foreign languages are at hand.

$ How did he do it?

$ Well, his method reminds a little the Birkenbihl’s with a major difference: Broniarek didn’t decode – he translated. Here is his creed and his 10 commandments:

The fact that you don’t know a language doesn’t imply that you can’t speak it.

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