Chapter III – Part 11

Let’s start doing two lists now: 1. I love… and 2. I feel… when… You will get to know yourself, your emotions and needs while completing them when something comes to your mind. Ready?

$ I love 1. myself; 2. my health; 3. earning a lot; 4. abundance; 5. succeeding; 6. winning; 7. knowing; 8. understanding; 9. thinking; 10. teleportation; 11. getting my sleep; 12. cats; 13. coffee from a moka pot with cream in the morning; 14. regular defecation; 15. my hair; 16. my scent; 17. my strength; 18. the flexibility of my body; 19. making invoices; 20. getting sms from my bank with information about a revenue; 21. spending money; 22. doing yoga; 23. dating; 24. hugging; 25. kissing; 26. cuddling; 27. making love; 28. increased level of endorphins after jogging; 29. seeing my beautician; 30. going to the hairdresser’s; 31. reading; 32. singing; 33. dancing; 34. playing chess; 35. talking to my friends; 36. feeling their support; 37. learning 38. using foreign languages; 39. watching films; 40. listening to music; 41. visualizing; 42. travelling; 43. giving many surprising presents; 44. getting presents; 45. getting bunches of flowers; 46. pencils; 47. my house; 48. delegating; 49. warmth; 50. china cups; 51. jewelry; 52. beautiful clothing; 53. plants; 54. planning; 55. dreaming; 56. radio; 57. language coaching; 58. my intuition; 59. telepathy; 60. my imagination; 61. Internet; 62. playing on words; 63. cooking; 64. getting things fixed; 65. red color; 66. silk; 67…. I’ve run out of ideas.

$ You did a fantastic job! Would you like to start the other list, too?

$ 1. I feel abundance when I realize how much I have; 2. I feel rejoicement when I am about to have a date; 3. I feel spoiled when people give me presents; 4. I feel taken care of when my friends know that I am ill and call me to ask how I am and whether I need anything; 5. I feel desired when my boyfriend rips my clothes off; 6. I feel calm when I think about the future; 7. I feel pleasure when I can hear a cat purr; 8. I feel accomplished when I read my CV; 9. I feel excited when I imagine my dreams have come true; 10. I feel overjoyed when I have been running in the forest; 11. I feel empathy when people tell me about their problems; 12. I feel moved when I fall in love; 13. I feel curious when new challenges come; 14. I feel grateful when I think about my achievements; 15. I feel enthusiastic when I get down to work; 16. I feel relieved when I damp down a conflict….. That’s it for now.

$ Excellent. What else do takers do in order to take?

$ If a taker comes up with an idea, he infects others with it, delegates tasks and collects applause for its implementation.

$ I read somewhere: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it”.

$ Takers are inaccessible in a subtle way: sometimes they don’t call you back, sometimes they don’t answer your email by return.

$ And givers are reliable even at the expense of their own priorities.

$ Differences between takers and me come flooding.

$ Today they come flooding, tomorrow their number will decrease. Please, observe takers. What else do they do to receive things easily? Follow suit and have fun with it. Look forward to every expression of resistance from your milieu when you refuse constant giving.

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