Chapter II – Part 8

$ A woman traveled a great distance to bring her son to Gandhi and said “Please Bapu, tell my child not to eat sugar”. Gandhi asked the woman to leave and come back in thirty days. She agreed returning in 30 days with her son. “We are back Bapu” she said, “please tell my son not to eat sugar”. Gandhi tenderly looked at her son and said “My son, stop eating sugar”. The boy immediately agreed. His mother asked Gandhi “Bapu, why did you make us go away, only to travel the long distance and return in 30 days?”. Replied Gandhi “Because 30 days ago, I was still eating sugar.

$ Excellent. So if I want to change my finance I start from changing myself. I’m dying to know how to do that.

$ Today you did a lot in this respect: you admitted aloud that there was a problem. You asked yourself the question: is my catholic guilt a potential source of it? You opened yourself to my perspective of living in abundance. Let it grow in you. If you feel like it, answer to yourself: what do I need money for? Listen to an example: I have chosen living in abundance and the role of a winner. I can influence my life and I am responsible for it. I trust myself. With courage I listen to my heart. My imagination keeps on suggesting how I can earn money. I am able to chose the best job for me. I let others help me achieve professional fulfillment. There is enough riches for everybody. Without doing anything that isn’t play, I attract abundance easily. My faith in the success of my enterprises is unswerving. I expect the best and I get it. I deserve that all my need be met. I get everything I need. I am able to offer so much that I attract people from all over the world, who can’t wait to pay for my ideas and their fruits. Getting rich, I broaden my horizons. I can do more good things with money than without. I can enjoy my life to the full. The more I earn, the better I reach my targets. I can focus on what is really important to me. With more impetus I can devote myself to my fascinations and through this I can be myself completely. Money increases my power and shows to others that our potential is limitless. It is like wax, thanks to which I go smoothly through my life. It gives me freedom to buy what I need or possessing of what I want to experience and freedom in my time management. With money I create more jobs and at the same time more opportunities for other people to be fulfilled. Everything I spend comes back to me multiplied by thousands. My income grows when I work, play and sleep. When I spend more money, I put into circulation more money and it is valuable for everybody who gets it. I easily fill my mind with messages that support me in making my dreams come true. I will always have money. I feel safe with my wealth. I am rich, kind, generous and caring and I can pass my lifestyle on next generations. I choose happiness regardless of what people around me do, think and say. I have a right to be happy in every aspect of my life for free.

Is it ok for now?

$ I feel exhausted.

$ Anyway, now I’m going to motivate you to improve your finance because I want to introduce to you a method of learning languages that changed my professional life and encouraged me to take up Chinese.

$ Sounds interesting.

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