Chapter II – Part 4

I don’t like my company’s policy which is: the centre is supposed to make money. So what is really my highest joy? Patients with disastrous teeth. I enjoy somebody else’s drama.

$ What would your centre offer then?

$ Conscious prevention. We would train people in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, too.

$ You would leave treatment to your colleagues.

$ No, I wouldn’t. We would offer regular treatment, too but with no pressure on the financial result. You know, I feel disgusted with myself when say it’s the 27th day of the month and I am 8,000 away from my target. And my regular customer comes, she takes exceptional care of her teeth, she has a tiny hole near an old filling – a poppy seed, in fact, not even a hole. It can be there for ages without doing any harm. If I were her I wouldn’t touch it and I would observe it. And what do I do? I fix it! Because it is an opportunity to take out the old filling and … I have earned 1,000. The worst thing is, it is legal. And in accordance with the dental art. Besides, I have been persecuted by the fear that if I had a real fortune I’d listen to an investment advisor and lose everything. Because I am a dentist, not a stock market investor or specialist in finance. And then I would regret till the end of my days that I hadn’t put this money on a bank account and I would never catch up on my loss.

$ Let me tell you how genuinely rich people approach that. One of my high school friends is among the Forbes 100 richest people. That’s what I call ‘rich’ in this context. I hadn’t seen him for about 8 years, in the meantime there was this giant stock market crash. And when we met he asked me whether I invested in stock or not. I said I had and added I hadn’t got too much involved in this. I tried this role, didn’t get deep into the details, earned a little and the adventure was over for me. And you? – I asked him. And he answered: I lost a lot at the stock exchange. Actually, I lost everything at the stock exchange. At the time of our meeting his company was almost 20 years old and he was building a cats grit plant. He started his business at the college and concentrated merely on the therapy cats. And you know, when he said that bluntly, when he stated matter-of-factly: I lost a lot at the stock exchange. Actually, I lost everything at the stock exchange in the context of the giant building of his plant he let me realize that riches was a way of thinking and an attitude, not money, real estate, possessions. In any case, he used to be like this in the high school. He used to work all holiday long and buy a car afterwards. By the way, today you said that if somebody were rich they didn’t need to work. For sure you know which clients of yours are rich. Don’t they work?

$ On the contrary. The richer, the busier. What is interesting, it applies to their wives, too although they are housewives mainly.

$ So you see, it pays off to be moderately rich: you don’t need to work a lot. Kidding. Anyway, my high school friend worked when we were relaxing on holiday. One day, we were already college students, we went for a walk and I felt like having a drink. I entered a shop and bought myself water. My friend’s company lived a period of transition then and had temporary financial challenges. O! Precisely! Poor people go bankrupt, rich people live a period of transition and have temporary financial challenges.

$ Hahaha!

$ I’m not joking! That’s a totally different perspective. So he didn’t have a penny on him and he asked: will you buy me a drink too, please? I said: what do you want? And you know what he chose? The most expensive peach nectar in a big bottle. I was appalled! Not only did he “wheedle” money from me but also chose so immodestly. I couldn’t put up with it and I asked him: explain to me please what it is like: you don’t have a penny on you and you choose the most expensive drink. And I remember the look in his eyes. He was like 170 lb of astonishment. And you know what he said? I will always have money. At that time it was unthinkable to me. Now I know: I will always have money.

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