Chapter II – Part 3

She was a chemist, passionate for natural cosmetics. Have you got a cream on you?

$ There you are.

$ Wow! It must have cost a fortune. What have we got here? Aqua – water. That was her first objection. Why do I need to buy water at this price? Cetyl alcohol – used in the cosmetic industry as a opacifier in shampoos, or as an emollient, emulsifier or thickening agent in the manufacture of skin creams and lotions. Another objection. When my skin absorbs some cream, it means its ingredients traverse capillary bed and with the blood they get to the whole body. Why am I supposed to intake in this way alcohol, tocopheryl, urea, propylparaben and other unidentified – for an untrained eye – objects? So her creed was: I rub in my skin only things that I can eat. She started from a manufacture and she understood that if she wanted to be professionally accomplished, she needed to convince masses of people to her approach. Which meant: start a giant production. Which meant: change the scale. After she had realized that, she started having nightmares. One night, in her dream, she went to her hairdresser’s. She looked gorgeous in that dream: funny hairstyle, beautiful jewelry, smart business outfit, big bag, pumps. She paid 400.

$ O my gosh! I have never paid 400 for a hair cut!

$ That’s the point. So she is paying, leaving the hairdresser’s and the girl at the reception desk tells her: excuse me, Madame, you haven’t paid. After a longer discussion she explained everything but she is in a real hurry in that dream, so she is very late by then. She’s reaching to her bag to get the cell phone and there’s neither the cell phone nor the wallet. And she woke up covered in sweat, thinking: I have to get to the Internet quickly and bar my bank cards and my cell phone card.

$ She was afraid of being rich.

$ She knew that the more money you had, the more money you attract. It’s true, too, of course, slip of tongue, what I wanted to say is: the more people you attract who want earn money with you, thanks to you, in many ways. Can you see this marble? The man who trades it has got – for private purpose – a car worth 3 million. When he goes to his clients and wholesalers he takes his 8–year-old dilapidated van. Very tactical. Coming back to the eye of the needle. Riches make temptations much more accessible. I can eat and drink without moderation – I can afford it. I can despise people – they depend on my money. I can cheat on my partner because lovers flood into my bed. I can bribe someone to get information on a dodgy deal. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Probably it is largely accounted for motivation. What do I need money for? What do I do only for money? What would my professional life look like if I didn’t get any salary because I don’t need it? Or because I get it from another source? Would you still be a dentist?

$ Yes, I would but I would found my own place.

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