Chapter II – Part 2

$ It’s our last meeting, I’m afraid.

$ What’s happened?

$ Nothing particular has happened. It is all about my little permanent financial destabilization.

$ I’m sorry to hear that.

$ You don’t need to be sorry. I got used to that.

$ You work in one of the most fashionable dental care centers in our city. You will always have work to do, from dawn till dusk and you are talking about a destabilization, a permanent financial destabilization. How come?

$ I don’t know how I do that but regardless of how much I earn in a given month, there is 300 on my bank account at the end of the month.

$ I can’t believe that! After all, you bought an apartment, a big car, a piece of land.

$ I take loans.

$ I see.

$ I think that my catholic guilt is the basis of my destabilization. That it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. And stuff like this.

$ Of course you realize that the eye of the needle doesn’t refer to the little whole in a needle.

$ It doesn’t?

$ No, it doesn’t. One of the gates to Jerusalem, a very narrow one, was called “the Eye of the Needle”. For it was very narrow, a rich merchant on a camel, loaded with goods, needed to ponder before he squeezed through. Nevertheless, he passed through it.

$ He is punished for being rich anyway.

$ It’s interesting that you perceive it this way. To me, this “punishment” symbolizes challenges that await a person who decides to start living in abundance.

$ What are you talking about? What challenges? After all, being rich is a bucolic tale. You don’t have to work, you don’t worry about your bills, you know you’ll have enough money till the end of the month.

$ That’s exactly the trap. A client of mine used to come to the coaching classes in the time of huge changes in her life. She has always been very successful, she earned hundreds of thousands a year, she lived comfortably. However, she didn’t feel professionally accomplished. She needed… wait. A short introduction first.

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