Chapter II – Part 13

$ How was it today?

$ Fantastic! I shared with Martha my epiphanies related to abundance.

$ You haven’t attracted clients with financial challenges for a long time. What do you think: what is it for?

$ Do you remember my old project of building a really big language centre?

$ You’re exaggerating. It’s not that old. It’s only nine years old.

$ I love you, too.

$ What were you going to tell me about the project?

$ Two things. Firstly, I haven’t made this dream of mine come true yet because my ego is the mainspring of my actions in this respect: I!!! I want!!! I know!!! I can!!! Implementation of this project would boost my ego, so I don’t even get started because my self-preservation instinct reminds me that every decision driven by ego will conspire against me.

$ That appeals to me. Your ego as big as Duomo in Milan is doing really fine. And the other thing?

$ I lay it down because such an investment implies diverting amounts with one zero more.

$ Which implies confronting your own vision of abundance: x zeros – yes; x+1 zeros – no.

$ Exactly. And the whole old guard: fear of losing, resistance to change, leaving you comfort zone.

$ What vision have you got when you think about this centre?

$ I can see a hot country.

$ Why is it necessary?

$ I noticed long time ago that the weather had an impact on many people. If it rains or snows, if it is cold you are much more motivated to sip wine in front of your fireplace than to work on yourself or on your languages.

$ And when it is really hot you are much more motivated to stay in a shadow on a beach.

$ Every pot has two handles. Anyway, I can see a hot country.

$ What else?

$ A sea. Or an ocean. A beach. Sand. Our centre is on a hill or on a not very tall mountain. It sleeps up to 100 people.

$ So it’s a centre and a hotel. Did you build it yourself?

$ No, I didn’t. It has been there. For centuries maybe. It used to be monastery or something of this kind because I can sense a contemplative atmosphere there. And I can see very thick walls: they keep you warm in winter and protect you from the heat in summer.

$ How does it differentiate from competitors, let alone the atmosphere?

$ You can come to our place, enjoy warm climate, water, fruit and do something for yourself: attend yoga, tai chi, dance, language workshops. In a new land, among strangers, when your body is relaxed and got rid of the everyday stress you can discover layers of new talents or invisible obstacles that hindered your development so far.

$ It doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer laying and doing nothing. What else can you see?

$ Many semi-wild cats in the neighborhood of the hotel.

$ That’s nice.

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