Chapter I – Part 9

$ The third exercise I promised to you can be a part of the solution to this. First, I’m going to tell you an anecdote about a beginner writer. This man, who discovered that he wanted to write, used to work as a clerk so he could only write after work or before work and at weekends which turned out to be about 10 pages a week. He had a plan of a wonderful novel and the following calculation stopped him from implementing this plan: 10 pages a week = 520 pages after a year of systematic work. A year of pressure! A year of small steps! That was too long. What helped him was to give himself a permission to write a short book.

$ Does it mean that my English can hit the ground running if I take into account a version of success that I find uninteresting today? Like a short novel in the case of your writer?

$ Not necessarily. The permission can refer to the success itself as well as to one aspect of the success. Let me give you some examples and please, think about which one you find suitable for you. Today, three times you mentioned the question of body mass, diets, food so the examples are going to refer to this sphere for a change.

I have a right to be slim and healthy. I am permitted to be handsome. Be happy and accomplished in every aspect of your life for free, without paying for this with some overweight. Learn how to wait for a result – practice makes perfect – you have a right to train with no hurry. You can relax doing sports, chit-chatting, dancing, reading instead of eating. Praise every cm3 of your body. Your value doesn’t depend on how much effort you put in fighting against obstacles in your life. You have a right to show to people your true colors instead of entrenching your positions with fatty tissue and isolating from lack of acceptance and self-acceptance. You may choose what supports your life and what enriches your life. Fall in love with yourself.

$ This can’t be done.

$ Smell your perfume and imagine you’re going to swoon. Stroke your hair and feel shiver. Look at your beautiful palms and kiss them.

$ Are you out of your mind?

$ No, I’m not. Look at me. I’m going to give myself a big hug to express the joy of being here. Say to yourself: you’ve worked so much today, Ian, it’s time for a coffee break. How would you like your coffee? Espresso? Lungho? Black? Sugar? Spoil yourself! That’s what people in love do, don’t they? Next permissions. I put myself on the first place. With this body mass or another I am the same valuable person. I have a right to say goodbye to my body mass problems.

$ I like that one.

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