Chapter I – Part 2

$ Let me tell you some things. If you really wanted to be WITH your siblings you would do what your cat is doing now: she is sitting on your legs and she doesn’t even think of going away. And she’s purring irresistibly.  You want a dream brother and a dream sister – on your terms. You will love them unconditionally under the condition that your conditions are fulfilled. Hahahaha! Love yourself unconditionally! Love them unconditionally! Be here and now! What are your sister’s and your brother’s virtues?

$ My sister is a devoted mother. Decorating is her strong suit. She’s a competent doctor. She’s a beautiful woman. Nothing more comes to my mind.

$ When you talk about your input in working on yourself I have the impression that you are longing for justice, which is another word for revenge. What do you know about justice? That what? That they don’t deserve what they have been given? What does that mean: “to deserve”? This word is as empty as the word “lack”. Be a loving sister and a loving brother to yourself. Unbosom yourself to yourself. Trust yourself. Count on yourself. Give yourself presents. Praise yourself.

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