Chapter I – Part 10

$ Let your mind get rid of unnecessary ballast; let your body follow suit. I am allowed to treat eating as fuelling. The tank has a determined capacity. I fill the tank no sooner than when it is empty.

$ These permissions seem not to work because I am getting hungry.

$ Is this hunger representing real needs of your body or appetite?

$ Pardon?

$ Listen to what Joachim Werdin taught me. When you feel hungry, stop for a moment, relax your mind and your body and ask yourself: “what is it”? Then only  f e e l  the answer. You need to feel the reason of your hunger, so don’t think about it, don’t analyze that. The more feelings and the less intellect there is in the process of discovering these reasons, the more conscious you are. Thinking (intellect, everyday mental work) belongs to a limited sphere of the consciousness. When you leave the intellect, you can deeper understand your body and mind. That is why you need to feel the answer. It often happens that you stop being hungry in the very moment of relaxation and calming down. If you however don’t stop being hungry, keep on feeling. Various pictures and emotions can show up because blocked feelings, thoughts and mental schemes which were repressed are first felt as hunger.

If you start thinking about food and eat afterwards as soon as you feel hungry, you keep blocked emotions, pictures, thoughts and push them along into your psyche sphere. If you however hang on for a while and not feed your appetite, you’ll get ready to feel what message your unconsciousness wants to push out. If your reveal that message you can transform it so that it doesn’t torment you.

You can do the next step if you still feel hungry after you relaxed your body and mind and got ready to feel the reason. Ask yourself: ‘what do I exactly want to eat?’ Observe a “film” with various kinds of food and feel which one suits you the most. After you find one, imagine for a while that you’re eating it. Feel it in your mouth, throat, stomach, bowels. Again, ask yourself: ‘what is it?’ and feel the answer.

If your hunger disappears, stop in this moment. If not, keep on feeling. Emotions, pictures, important thoughts can show up now, so that you can solve a problem blocked within you. Enjoy them, let them flow through you and seize you. Feel them in your whole body and mind, be one with them so that you can understand better what they are and what process is going on in you.

When they leave you, having fulfilled their task, they will never make you feel hungry.

If you body really needs determined microelements, vitamins, you will still feel hungry. Take a piece of the food you felt like eating. Do it absolutely consciously. Feel your every movement and reaction when and how you take it, slice it, cook it, all the time you prepare it. Be alert about what you feel, your emotions, reactions of your body and intellect. Focus on the question: ‘what is it?’ and wait – in your feelings – for an answer. The whole procedure of preparing the food (you stand up, you make the first step to the shop or to the kitchen) is your contemplation. If you still feel hungry, do the next step.

Now you are sitting in front of the food you feel like eating. Slowly take a piece, while observing all the time your feelings when you move, reactions of your body, mind and psyche. Stop the food in front of your nose, smell it, enjoy the smell for a moment. Explore the smell while observing all the time and waiting for an emotional answer to the question: ‘what is it?’ Remember, you need to feel the answer, don’t let your intellect create it. And again, either your hunger disappears or emotions, pictures, thoughts show up. If not, go on.

Only now can you bite into the food you have prepared. Keep it in your mouth and enjoy it. Feel all the reactions of your body, psyche, intellect. Feel, feel, feel, observe, don’t think.

Then – this is very important — chew it for a longtime, not shorter than 3 minutes. The longer you keep it in your mouth, even for hours, chew, suck between your teeth, the better. Usually, 3-5 minutes is enough. The food that you chew changes the taste once or more times. Don’t swallow it before it changes the taste if you want the process to be complete. You will often feel that the taste of the chewed food has become unpleasant. It’s a hint from your body that it wants you to spit it out. Your body took out everything what it need from this food.

If however the taste is still good, swallow the food slowly, be fully conscious and keep on feeling. Swallow it no sooner than it is liquid or homogeneously smashed. Feel, feel, feel, observe and don’t think.

Do the same with every piece till you feel you’re fed up. Then you’ll know it was a real need of your body to get determined substance. You gave it your body, in a perfect time, in a perfect amount. You took care of it in a perfect way.

$ Interesting.

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