My thanks go to

Byron Katie – for Four Questions and the Turnaround
Cats – for communication without words
Stephen R. Covey – for time management and proactive language
Teresa Dobiała – for insight into the core
Anna Goździk – who introduced me to ACA
Andrzej Harden – for meditation
Tadeusz Kowalski – who helped me summarize 10 years of my business in my MBA thesis
Elisabeth May – for unshakeable confidence in my projects
Agnieszka Podgórska – my crazy awesome cool business partner
Aldona Pranga and her family – for my calm and your enthusiasm
Marshall B. Rosenberg – for the NVC
Margarita Seco Mateo – for the propitious atmosphere in my office on Menorca
Marcin Stempniewicz – who among many other things translates my ideas into Computer Languages
Marcin Świerczyński – for so much
Halszka Tereszkowska – for saying goodbye to unrealistic expectations
Agnieszka Wilk – for dancing and unconditioned support
Ewa Wycichowska – who let me realize the following: since everybody can learn to dance, everybody can learn to communicate in a foreign language
Tomasz Zając – for books, discussions, invaluable linguistic support

Never Judge the Book by Its Cover


For my mother, whose courage taught me to tackle big issues

For B., my dream coach

Para José Luis Terrón Ponce, el hombre de mi vida

“Whether you say a round sentence or write a smart book,you will always have the same emptiness and silence in your head.”

Michał Zabłocki

“I’m not a teacher, but an awakener”

Robert Frost