My thanks go to

Byron Katie – for Four Questions and the Turnaround
Cats – for communication without words
Stephen R. Covey – for time management and proactive language
Teresa Dobiała – for insight into the core
Anna Goździk – who introduced me to ACA
Andrzej Harden – for meditation
Tadeusz Kowalski – who helped me summarize 10 years of my business in my MBA thesis
Elisabeth May – for unshakeable confidence in my projects
Agnieszka Podgórska – my crazy awesome cool business partner
Aldona Pranga and her family – for my calm and your enthusiasm
Marshall B. Rosenberg – for the NVC
Margarita Seco Mateo – for the propitious atmosphere in my office on Menorca
Marcin Stempniewicz – who among many other things translates my ideas into Computer Languages
Marcin Świerczyński – for so much
Halszka Tereszkowska – for saying goodbye to unrealistic expectations
Agnieszka Wilk – for dancing and unconditioned support
Ewa Wycichowska – who let me realize the following: since everybody can learn to dance, everybody can learn to communicate in a foreign language
Tomasz Zając – for books, discussions, invaluable linguistic support

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